About Me – Ayodeji Olukayode




I’m Ayodeji.


I’m a Freelance Science and Health Writer.


Be it explaining the elements of a complex research to writing email newsletters and blog posts, you can always count on me to serve your need.


There is power in the use of words to communicate and relay information, and too often, this effect is barely maximized.


As someone keen on the subjects of science (be it evolution, chemistry, genetics) and relish telling others about their wonders, I bring the right words to use in writing, conveying the meant message to your intended audience. As I do for the subjects of Science, so I do for those of Health.


Aside being a freelance health and Science writer, I’m currently pursuing a degree in Medicine and Surgery. To pass time, I read, cook or write.


Think you could use my help? Please,┬ávisit my Hire-Me page;or you could send me an email– Ayodeji@dejikayode.com. And I will be happy to talk with you.