Want to Lose Weight Effectively? – Do These 6 Things
July 17, 2019

There is that desired body goal everybody has: not too big, or skinny– just the right size and shape. And it’s really easy to put yourself in that perfect future body already and owning it like your own, until you are confronted with the actual process of losing weight which can be frustrating, slow and even defeating.


If you have tried shedding some fat and your various attempts have met with failures, it could have something to do with your approach. There are effective, science-based ways to go about it.


Read on for 6 tips to arm yourself with on your weight loss journey.


  1. Avoid Temptation Around You.


The decision about what you should have around is crucial to weight loss. Having food around increases your craving of it. You could just be munching that snack the next moment—or might be on your way to that cafeteria where you’d be satisfying the hunger urges. This will only defeat the purpose of weight loss in the end, because soon enough, you are eating more than you should.

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The ageless caveat is apt here: The best way to defeat temptation is to avoid it. Control what you have in your environment. Don’t place that snack carelessly where you might be drawn to have a bite; Nor should you obey those unwitting urges to have something in your mouth. One way to go about this is to have a strict eating schedule, which will invariably clarify your next eating time. (1)


  1. Have More Fibers:


Obviously one of the causes of weight gain is overeating. To conquer this is to obviously eat less. Fibers can help you do that, and better.

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Eating fibers can make your stomach soon fill up, giving your brain the signal that you are now full and should eat no more. It is more like a principle of eating less and feeling sated in a short time. Another advantage of fibers is they are low-calorie.  They can as well help with your digestion. (Sources of Fibers include Cabbage, Lettuce, Banana etc.) (2) (3)


  1. Eat Proteins


On the surface, protein seems the last food type you should consider when you looking to lose weight. But you would be missing out on a lot.

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Apart from naturally helping to build your body cells, proteins are involved in modifying the activity of some of the weight regulating chemicals in your body. So, taking protein lets your body know which of the chemicals to switch off and which to switch on. This is all towards having your body weight in check. In sum, having proteins lets you enjoy the duo benefits of body growth and maintained body weight. (4)



  1. Be Gentle with The Food:

You also have to be gentle with the food when eating. As you are taking in food, your brain is working in tandem with your digestive system. This lets your Brain know when you’ve had enough of the food, namely when you are sated. But rushing the food can create disruption of this pattern, and your Brain will lose track with your stomach– which causes you to overeat.

You can combat this by eating slowly. You can even make an art of it, by ensuri

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ng that you savor the taste of food—(this is the essence of “Mindful Eating”, a brand of meditation.) So that way, your brain will keep up with your stomach and appropriately signal satiety, and invariably prevent you from overeating. (5)



  1. Sleep More:

Sleep has many benefits for the body that may not even be obvious. It reduces stress, boost your emotion… Do you know it helps in weight loss?

The importance of sleep to weight loss can be understood when

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your body have not had enough sleep. In the absence of sleep, your body produces more of some hunger-causing hormones, such as Cortisol and Ghrelin. These hormones make you eat more and, of course, fatten more. Having enough sleep will at once regulate their production and reverse their effects and, in consequence, rein in your food appetite. (6)



  1. Be Physically Active

Weight loss tips are not complete without the mention of physical activity. If only for the added benefits you stand to enjoy being physically active.

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Apart from having your excess calories burnt, you also reap the benefits of normalized blood pressure, mood regulation, stress reduction and many more. And many things count as Exercise. It could be walking a mile a day, playing a particular physical sport, or simply swimming. (7)






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